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This is the personal internet domain of Michael J. Davidson.  I am an attorney, father, jeep enthusiast, Latter-day Saint and businessman.  I have gathered, developed and authored this collection of resources for my own edification and will make certain sections of this site available publicly.  Other sections will be restricted to registered users, while other sections will be restricted to those I grant individual access to, for reasons that should be apparent.  

The various major divisions of this site are, or will be, the following:

Jeep Law & Resources - This is my site in which I catalog many of the jeep trails I have explored.  In addition, I will discuss laws and issues related to jeeping.  I intend this to be a comprehensive resource, but it is currently a work in progress.

Energy Law - This is a great interest of mine, both personally and professionally.  I intend to create a comprehensive set of resources here.  This is also a work in progress and will be updated as I am able to do so. 

Gospel Study - I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  This section will be devoted to my study of the scriptures and the teachings of modern-day prophets.  Access to some of these items, which will be of an intensely personal nature, will be restricted.

Fitness - I am in the process of increasing my fitness level.  The last several years of practicing law with a large national firm has resulted in my fitness level taking a severe hit.  I want it back.  I will be gathering resources here, and tracking my progress.  Some portions of this section will have restricted access.

Family Letters - These are letters written to my family and close friends.  This will be a weekly blog of personal observations and experiences.  These are not for public consumption, and access will be restricted.


Genealogy - This is a great hobby, which is greatly rewarding.  I am putting together my family history and will make parts of it available on this site.  Information regarding the living and the recently deceased will not be included.